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Published: 1 year ago

Benefits of Cold Showers

Your workout may be over, but it’s not time to rest just yet no matter you’re a daily runner or a weekend boxer. After your workout, what’s the first thing you want to do? Well, top trainers will jump into a shower and rush back to the pressing issues of the day. However, the temperatures can have a big influence on your body. So there is a common question in the community- is it more beneficial to take a warm shower after a workout or a cold one?


Warm Shower after Training
Warm shower increases blood flow and losses your muscles after your workout. The circulation welcomes more fluid distribution in your joints and reducing the pressure for the stress exercises, like running, tennis, football, etc. Warmer water allows the body to gradually recover its normal temperature. Therefore, you can’t burn more calories just to stay warm. But taking a warm shower before your work out in order to prepare your body for the potential physical stress is a good idea.

Why You Need a Cold Shower after Workout

When you see professional trainers in the GYM, they seem to quickly ice themselves down. Like them, experts recommend the best way to the most effective workout shower is cold water immersion, which is a popular method among amateur and professional trainers.

Benefits of Cold Shower after a Workout
Everyone likes cold shower in the hot summer days. The benefits of cold showers certainly don’t stop there. Cold water has all kinds of health benefits; from aiding weight loss to boosting sperm count in men. Taking a cold shower in the morning after your cool-down help bring your heart rate down and boost your circulation.

Cold Showers Burn Fat: Your goal of workout is getting rid of the fat. We need to consume more calories than our body needs. According to the research, taking a cold shower for at least 30 seconds through brown fat, and those calories came almost entirely from fat. For a good shower, you would need a good propane tankless water heater in your house.

Reduce Recovery Period: As we mentioned, professional trainers often take ice baths after workout in order to reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). If you do workout daily or more than once a day this is important to get fully recovery before you can start your next session.

Increases Alertness And Mood: Who doesn’t feel a bit groggy before you go to work. A study has proved that cold showers act as a small form of oxidative stress on your nervous system. Cold showers have also been used to reduce chronic pain, which helps fight fatigue, and improve sleep quality.

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