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Published: 1 year ago

Boxing – The Foundation of a Good Fighting System


It has been stated that 90 percent of all fights end up on the ground.

It is also true that the majority of those fights started when the parties involved were standing up. Developing good sound Boxing skills should be the foundation of any good fighting system. Whether it is kickboxing or self-defense, it all starts from good boxing principles. Studying the fundamentals of Boxing can be an extraordinary enjoyable fulfilling pursuit, building athletic grace and skill, self-confidence and physical well-being. The major skills developed from a good well rounded boxing program are:

Beginners Level:Punches thrown from a protected on guard position,Defensive moves and footwork,Balance and coordination,Strength and endurance,economy of motion,Accuracy.

Advanced level:Increased proficiency in the above skills,Inside and outside fighting ranges,Counterpunching,Slipping, bobbing and weaving,Sharp reflexes,Combination punching,Increased relaxation and breathing while fighting.

Methods used to develop the above skills:Circuit training: Working all of your boxing technics on various equipment using the standard boxing time of three minutes of work, with one minute of rest.

Mirror training: Rehearse punches, footwork and defensive moves in front of a mirror.

Heavy bag drills: Your first fighting opponent. Practice punches, and combinations of punches and footwork on the heavy bag.

Partner drills: Carefully develop single punches, combinations and counters to punches with a training partner.

Flow drills: Develop reactions, reflexes and muscle memory. With a partner perform a variety of prearranged combinations (offense and defense) using good control.

Situational sparring: Sparring with set goals. Work specific combinations working your strongest and weakest technics in a controlled environment.

Sparring: A controlled boxing match where partners perform skills in a free give and take environment using a preset pace (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or full speed). There will be a professional trainer present to assist the fighters.

As a sport and a physical fitness exercise, boxing can be learned and practiced in a safe environment by people of all ages.

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