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Published: 2 years ago

[FAQ] The Boxing Prediction League

Q: How will you choose the fights for which we make our picks? Will they just be the obvious HBO or Showtime main events or will you include other fights?
A: We plan to include any fights that we think are significant or will generate interest here. Sometimes there may be fighters included with whom you are not too familiar, but that shouldn’t stop you from entering predictions. Do your research on the fighters (we make that easy by including links to the fighter’s record at www.boxrec.com), make your picks and prove that you are worthy of the BPL Championship. We generally will not be including matchups between relatively unknown or unproven prospect. Most of the time, the fights will involve either well known boxers, typically fighting in major title (WBC, IBF, WBA, WBO) or title elimination bouts.

Q: What will I win? Can I win money?
A: A grand prize will be awarded to the winner, and runner up prizes for both second and third places will also be awarded. While we will strive to determine and announce the prizes at the beginning of each season, we reserve the right to change the prizes to be awarded at any time.

Q: What happens if I pick a KO, but incorrectly pick the specific rounds that it happens in? Do I still get points?
A: Yes. You will get points for correctly predicting the win, and additional points for correctly predicting the KO. You just won’t get additional points for calling correct rounds in which it happened.

Q: What happens if I pick a fighter to win by KO, and he ends up winning by decision. Do I still get points?
A: If you pick an outcome (e.g., KO) and your fighter wins, but the outcome is not what you predicted (e.g., decision instead of KO), you still get some points. You get points for a win (based on the “to win” points that we have posted) because the fighter you picked won.

A: What if I want to change my points?

Q: You can change your pick as many times as you want, before the fight is closed. Each fight will have a close date and time, which is typically (but not always) midnight the day before the fight is scheduled.

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