Ezzard Charles

Born: 1921 Died: 1975 Total Bouts: 122 Won: 96 Lost: 25 Drew: 1 KOs: 59 Induction: 1990 Courtesy of The International Boxing Hall of Fame EZZARD CHARLES never weighed more than 200 pounds, but he was an outstanding heavyweight champion. Charles was undefeated as an amateur and won the 1939 AAU National middleweight title before turning pro in 1940. Many of Charles’ early fights were against the world’s top middleweight and light heavyweights. He defeated the likes Teddy Yarosz, Charley Burley and Joey Maxim and drew with Ken Overlin. After military service during World War II, Charles defeated Hall-of-Famer Archie Moore and avenged losses to Lloyd Marshall and Jimmy Bivins to earn a No. 2 ranking at light heavyweight in 1946. He fought five light heavyweight champions, beating four of them, but never challenged for the light heavyweight crown. Charles finally won the vacant NBA heavyweight title by defeating Jersey Joe Walcott in 1949. He earned worldwide recognition as heavyweight king the next year by decisioning an aged Joe Louis. After three successful defenses of the undisputed crown, he lost the title in a third battle with Walcott. After Walcott lost to Rocky Marciano, Charles challenged the Rock in two unforgettable fights. The first time Marciano retained the title on a close decision and, two months later, stopped Charles in the eighth round of a fight that was nearly stopped because Marciano’s nose was split open.
“Ezzard Mack Charles”
(The Cincinnati Cobra)
in Lawrenceville
the Jul-7-1921 Died in Chicago
the 27-5-1975 United States 1,83 m / 6 ft. 5 in. Manager :
Jake Mintz & Tom Tannas Record: Amateur 42 fights; 42+ 1939: America Middleweight Professional 122 FIGHTS
96 WON+
(57 KO)
25 LOSS- 1949-1951: World Heavyweight Champion Heavyweight
– 1940 –
won+ (Mar-15-1940, Middletown) Medley Johnson ko 3
won+ (Mar-20-1940, Reading) Jimmy Brown ko 2
won+ (Mar-27-1940, Cincinnati) John Reeves 6
won+ (Apr-2-1940, Cincinnati) Charley Banks 6
won+ (Apr-10-1940, Portsmouth) Kid Ash ko 3
won+ (Apr-16-1940, Cincinnati) Charley Banks ko 2
won+ (Apr-24-1940, Cincinnati) Remo Fernandez 6
won+ (May-10-1940, Portsmouth) Eddie Fowler ko 3
won+ (May-17-1940, Middletown) Pat Wright ko 4
won+ (Jun-5-1940, Cincinnati) Frankie Williams kot 6
won+ (Jun-12-1940, Columbus) John Reeves ko 4
won+ (Jun-24-1940, San Francisco) Bradley Lewis ko 3
won+ (Sep-23-1940, Cincinnati) Marty Simmons 10
won+ (Oct-3-1940, Cincinnati) Bill Hood kot 2
won+ (Dec-2-1940, Cincinnati) Charley Jerome ko 2 – 1941 –
won+ (Feb-10-1941, Cincinnati) Billy Bengal 10
won+ (Feb-22-1941, Cincinnati) Slaka Cavrich ko 2
won+ (Mar-10-1941, Cincinnati) Floyd Howard ko 7
won+ (Mar-31-1941, Cincinnati) Joe Sutka 10
won+ (May-12-1941, Cincinnati) Rudy Kozole 10
loss- (Jun-9-1941, Cincinnati) Ken Overlin 10
won+ (Jul-21-1941, Cincinnati) Al Gilbert kot 6
won+ (Oct-13-1941, Cincinnati) Pat Mangini ko 1
won+ (Nov-17-1941, Cincinnati) Teddy Yarosz 10 – 1942 –
won+ (Jan-12-1942, Cincinnati) Anton Christoforidis kot 3
draw= (Mar-2-1942, Cincinnati) Ken Overlin 10
won+ (Apr-8-1942, Cincinnati) Billy Pryor 10
loss- (May-13-1942, Cincinnati) Evelio Kid Tunero 10
won+ (May-25-1942, Pittsburgh) Charley Burley 10
won+ (Jun-29-1942, Pittsburgh) Charley Burley 10
won+ (Jul-14-1942, Cincinnati) Steve Mamakos ko 1
won+ (Jul-27-1942, Pittsburgh) Booker Beckwith ko 9
won+ (Aug-17-1942, Pittsburgh) Jose Basora ko 5
won+ (Sep-15-1942, Pittsburgh) Mose Brown ko 6
won+ (Oct-27-1942, Pittsburgh) Joey Maxim 10
won+ (Dec-1-1942, Cleveland) Joey Maxim 10 – 1943 –
loss- (Jan-7-1943, Cleveland) Jimmy Bivins 10
loss- (Mar-31-1943, Cleveland) Lloyd Marshall kot 8 – 1944-1945: inactive – 1946 –
won+ (Feb-18-1946, Cincinnati) Al Sheridan ko 2
won+ (Mar-25-1946, Cincinnati) Tee Hubert 10
won+ (Apr-1-1946, Pittsburgh) Billy Duncan ko 4
won+ (Apr-15-1946, Pittsburgh) George Parks kot 6
won+ (May-13-1946, Cincinnati) Tee Hubert ko 4
won+ (May-20-1946, Pittsburgh) Archie Moore 10
won+ (Jun-13-1946, Youngstown) Shelton Bell ko 5
won+ (Jul-29-1946, Cincinnati) Lloyd Marshall ko 6
won+ (Sep-23-1946, Cincinnati) Billy Smith 10
won+ (Nov-12-1946, Pittsburgh) Jimmy Bivins 10 – 1947 –
won+ (Feb-17-1947, Cincinnati) Billy Smith ko 5
won+ (Mar-10-1947, Cleveland) Jimmy Bivins ko 4
won+ (Apr-14-1947, Pittsburgh) Erv Sarlin 10
won+ (May-5-1947, Cincinnati) Archie Moore 10
won+ (Jul-14-1947, Cincinnati) Fitzie Fitzpatrick ko 5
loss- (Jul-25-1947, New York) Elmer Ray 10
won+ (Sep-16-1947, Buffalo) Joe Matisi 10
won+ (Sep-29-1947, Cincinnati) Lloyd Marshall ko 2
won+ (Oct-16-1947, Akron) Al Smith kot 4
won+ (Oct-27-1947, Huntingdon) Clarence Jones ko 1
won+ (Nov-3-1947, Buffalo) Teddy Randolph 10
won+ (Dec-2-1947, Cleveland) Fitzie Fitzpatrick kot 4 – 1948 –
won+ (Jan-13-1948, Cleveland) Archie Moore ko 8
won+ (Feb-20-1948, Chicago) Sam Baroudi╦Ť ko 10
won+ (May-7-1948, Chicago) Elmer Ray ko 9
won+ (May-20-1948, Buffalo) Erv Sarlin 10
won+ (Sep-13-1948, Washington) Jimmy Bivins 10
won+ (Nov-15-1948, Cincinnati) Walter Hafer ko 7
won+ (Dec-10-1948, New York) Joe Baksi kot 11 – 1949 –
won+ (Feb-7-1949, Philadelphia) Johnny Haynes ko 8
won+ (Feb-28-1949, Cincinnati) Joey Maxim 15
won+ (Jun-22-1949, Chicago) Jersey Joe Walcott 15 (N.B.A., Heavyweight)
won+ (Aug-10-1949, New York) Gus Lesnevich retiring 7 (N.B.A., Heavyweight)
won+ (Oct-14-1949, San Francisco) Pat Valentino ko 8 (N.B.A., Heavyweight) – 1950 –
won+ (Aug-15-1950, Buffalo) Freddie Beshore kot 14 (N.B.A., Heavyweight)
won+ (Sep-27-1950, New York) Joe Louis 15 (World, Heavyweight)
won+ (Dec-5-1950, Cincinnati) Nick Barone kot 11 (World, Heavyweight) – 1951 –
won+ (Jan-12-1951, New York) Lee Oma kot 10 (World, Heavyweight)
won+ (Mar-7-1951, Detroit) Jersey Joe Walcott 15 (World, Heavyweight)
won+ (May-30-1951, Chicago) Joey Maxim 15 (World, Heavyweight)
loss- (Jul-18-1951, Pittsburgh) Jersey Joe Walcott ko 7 (World, Heavyweight)
won+ (Oct-10-1951, Pittsburgh) Rex Layne kot 11
won+ (Dec-12-1951, San Francisco) Joey Maxim 12
won+ (Dec-21-1951, Portland) Joe Kahut ko 8 – 1952 –
loss- (Jun-5-1952, Philadelphia) Jersey Joe Walcott 15 (World, Heavyweight)
loss- (Aug-8-1952, Ogden) Rex Layne 10 won+ (Oct-8-1952, Cincinnati) Bernie Reynolds ko 2
won+ (Oct-24-1952, New York) Cesar Brion 10
won+ (Nov-26-1952, Chicago) Jimmy Bivins 10
won+ (Dec-15-1952, Boston) Frank Buford kot 7 – 1953 –
won+ (Jan-14-1953, Saint-Louis) Wesbury Bascom kot 9
won+ (Feb-4-1953, Detroit) Tommy Harrison retiring 9
won+ (Apr-1-1953, San Francisco) Rex Layne 10
won+ (May-12-1953, Toledo) Bill Gilliam 10
won+ (May-26-1953, Milwaukee) Larry Watson ko 5
loss- (Aug-11-1953, Miami Beach) Nino Valdez 10
loss- (Sep-8-1953, Philadelphia) Harold Johnson 10
won+ (Dec-16-1953, San Francisco) Coley Wallace kot 10 – 1954 –
won+ (Jan-13-1954, Chicago) Bob Satterfield ko 2
loss- (Jun-17-1954, New York) Rocky Marciano 15 (World, Heavyweight)
loss- (Sep-17-1954, New York) Rocky Marciano ko 8 (World, Heavyweight) – 1955 –
won+ (Feb-18-1955, New York) Charley Norkus 10
won+ (Apr-11-1955, Edmonton) Vern Escoe ko 3
loss- (Apr-27-1955, Miami Beach) Johnny Holman kot 9
won+ (Jun-8-1955, Cincinnati) Johnny Holman 10
won+ (Jul-13-1955, Chicago) Paul Andrews 10
loss- (Aug-3-1955, Syracuse) Tommy Jackson 10
loss- (Aug-31-1955, Cleveland) Tommy Jackson 10
loss- (Nov-14-1955, Providence) Toxie Hall 10
won+ (Dec-6-1955, Rochester) Toxie Hall 10
won+ (Dec-22-1955, San Francisco) Bob Albright 10
loss- (Dec-29-1955, Los Angeles) Young Jack Johnson kot 6 – 1956 –
won+ (Apr-21-1956, Windsor) Don Jasper kot 9
loss- (May-21-1956, New York) Wayne Bethea 10
won+ (Jun-19-1956, Phoenix) Bob Albright injury 7
loss- (Jul-13-1956, Tacoma) Pat Mc Murtry 10
loss- (Aug-31-1956, Seattle) Harry Matthews 10
loss- (Oct-2-1956, London) Dick Richardson disq.2 – 1957: inactive – 1958 –
won+ (Aug-28-1958, Fairmont) Johnny Harper 10
loss- (Sep-30-1958, Juarez) Alfredo Zuany 10
loss- (Oct-27-1958, Dallas) Donnie Fleeman kot 6 – 1959 –
won+ (Jul-3-1959, Cincinnati) Dave Ashley kot 7
loss- (Jul-30-1959, Boise) George Logan ko 8
loss- (Sep-1-1959, Oklahoma City) Alvin Green 10