Lennox Lewis’ Activities

Lennox is very passionate about the Lennox Lewis College.

The college offers young people training and support, both of which Lennox considers essential for a young persons in order to reach their inherent potential and happiness in life.

He believes that young people are eager to learn and succeed when given a chance.

Lennox considers himself very fortunate for having received a great deal of support throughout his adolescence and early adulthood, without which he realizes that his life may have turned out very differently.

His gratitude to his mentors and support system is channeled back into the funding and support of the Lennox Lewis College.

Lennox also makes himself available to media interviews and event hosting for various causes.

Lennox Lewis and the Prince of Wales at the Sporting Chance charity function of 23 March 1999, after the Holyfield fight at Madison Square Gardens in New York. Lennox Lewis and leading sports personalities joined members of the British Athletics Wheelchair Team to put their weight behind raising £5-million for the development of disabled sport in Britain.
Lennox at a press conference in Nov96 (104.9fm) and June 99 (107.1fm) to help promote the first bid for a wholly REGGAE radio station in the U.K. -IRIE FM (107.1fm) proposes to be a local radio station specifically designed for people living in North and North West London that principally plays reggae, soca, and related types of music, together with news and information.
AUDIENCE WITH LENNOX LEWIS: A talk show hosted by Ian Wright, long time friend and presenter, in honour of Lennox Lewis. A star studded audience turned up to show their support in April 99 at the London Weekend Television studios, along with Dennis (above at Lennox’s left) and Violet Lewis.