Lennox Lewis’ Interests & Hobbies

Lennox spent quite a few years as a work jockey in England. So he knows a good horse when he sees one. He is now the proud owner of Friendly Warning, a well-bred filly out of one of the Aga Khan’s stables.

Lennox likes to play chess. He likes to get his opponent in a tough position and then castling.

He enjoys a multitude of activities that include: active sports such as basketball, football, tennis and swimming; playing video games; and walking on Jamaican beaches with his mother, Violet. Violet is not only very pleasant company, supportive and loving, but also, according to Lennox, the greatest cook in the whole world.

Criticized by some about his multiple residences, Lennox shrugs and states that he considers himself a world citizen. He loves his mother’s native land, Jamaica. He also loves England, the place of his birth and early childhood. Canada is a place that he also calls home and where he spends a great deal of time training, being with friends and visiting his mum.

Lennox enjoys spending time in his London home and tooting around in his Aston Martin. He claims that when he was viewing this home, it spoke to him and said that it wanted a champion to live in it…

Likes & Dis-Likes

Food:Mum’s West Indian cooking
Breakfast Cereals:Wheaties
Raisin Bran
Ice Creams:rum raisin and chocolate
People Admired Most include:Nelson Mandela
Malcolm X
Dr. Martin Luther King
Athletes:Michael Jordan
Emmitt Smith
Patrick Ewing
Steffi Graf
all of the track and field women
Sports Idol:Muhammed Ali
Sports:boxing, of course
Vacation Spot:Jamaica
Actress:Halle Berry
Raging Bull
action-packed movies
Hip Hop
Singer:Bob Marley
Multimedia Designer:HagenSand IT in Toronto

Little-Known Facts about Lennox

Closest boxing friend:Egerton Marcus
Funniest memory:… when the referee got knocked out!
Respects:honesty and integrity in people
An attractive woman:someone who is beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside
Lennox has an entrepreneurial spirit that he hopes will lead him into the movie business.
The World Boxing Council heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis was enstooled “King of Boxing” by the Presidential Staffer of Chieftancy Affairs, Nana Akuoko Sarpong, at the 19th Commonwealth Sports Awards (CSA) in Ghana. Maurice Quansah in Ghana’s Daily, October 12, 1998
Lennox is close to his family and his mum Violet.
At an early age, his ambition was to become a fireman.
His first job was shoveling snow as a kid. “I was an entrepreneur.”
Pre-fight Feeling: “I get hit with hunger pains. I’m relaxed. I found that sleeping before the fight relaxed me too much.”
Early Boxing Memory: “Watching Muhammad Ali on TV. I was very excited about the Frazier fight. I remember I watched it with my brother. Also, I remember winning the world junior championship in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. With Meldrick Taylor, I beat the American, a Pole and a Cuban in the final.”

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