LEWIS: Klitschko Set for Reality Check

14, June 03

The buzz has been picking up around town as word got around that Lennox Lewis was to putting on a free workout for the people of Los Angeles. Since his arrival in Los Angeles last Thursday he has been swamped with well-wishers eager to get a ‘piece’ of him.

Lennox Lewis (40-2-1, 31KO), world heavyweight boxing champion, takes on the giant Ukrainian, Vitali Klitschko (32-1, 31KO) now domicile in Los Angeles at The Staples Center next Saturday, June 21.

The Universal City Walk, very apt for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, the baddest man in the universe, was the preparation ground for a historic title fight to be staged in LA since 1958.

Lewis and the Klitschko brothers were on the film set of Oceans Eleven when they ‘acted’ as fighters in a heavyweight contest. It was this fictitious setting that makes Vitali believe that he has the insight into the flaws of Lennox Lewis.

Klitschko reminds me of Ivan Drako, the Russian boxer who fought Rocky Balboa from the movie, Rocky. All muscle bound and huge but not much co-ordination. He claims to have an insight to ways of defeating Lewis, learnt from yet, another movie -albeit a movie set. He boasts he would bring Lewis’s career to a brutal end when they meet at the Staples Centre.

What I care to remind Vitali Klitschko, to coin a phrase from Gary Shaw, the Lions Promotions Promoter is, that was just the trailer now get ready for the movie. In the main event, Lewis will defend his undisputed world heavyweight crown against No. 1 contender Klitschko.

In the co-features, Ali will take on Valerie Mahfood, Rijker will oppose Jane Couch, while N’dou will battle Vargas. Lion Promotions will present the historic card, in association with Prize Fight Promotions, Budweiser, Universum Box-Promotion and STAPLES Center. The fight will be televised live by HBO (10 PM ET / 7 PM PT) and SKY (3 AM).