Looking for a Shut Out

16, June 03 – Kojo Amoafo

Lennox Lewis, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, has promised his army of sporting fans that he is out to do battle. He gave a frank interview in the downtown gym in Los Angeles where he worked out watched by the British media and auction winners from The Staples Center.

He told reporters after Emanuel Steward, his legendary trainer, argued that Vitali Klitschko (32-1, 31 KO’s) would go to ground early due to his style of fighting. “I don’t get paid for overtime and should the opportunity present itself then I will take him out.”

“Klitschko has been calling me for a long time and he is definitely somebody that is big, that feels he is better than me and I am out to show him that he is not. I don’t think he is that good.”

“His representatives tried to get my belt outside the ring but he is going to have to fight me for it in the ring.”

Lennox looked in very good shape as he went through his floor exercises and pummelled the bags and speed balls for about an hour and a half. The hunger is still there as he listened carefully to Steward’s advice.

He concluded his discussions by saying that he felt it was important also to win in spectacular style. Lewis said, “I understand how knock-outs are judged and definitely getting rid of Klitschko in a fine fashion would be a good thing for me.

With the intensity of his stare and workout there is no doubt in my mind when Lewis says, “Lennox Lewis will be victorious come June 21 at The Staples Center so don’t get off your seats as you may just miss something.”